Best JSC “Marka” employees receive agency-sponsored awards

The awards of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and of the Federal Communications Agency were handed out by Vladimir Shelikhov, Deputy Head of Rossvyaz.

Svetlana Svistunova, Leading Engineering Technologist of the Production Department, received an Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Telecom of the Russian Federation for merits in developing national infocommunication system, many years of dedicated work and in commemoration of the Day of Radio, a celebration for all the communication workers. The Citations of the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation were awarded to Viktoriya Vereschaka, Director for Production; Marina Rendetskaya, Deputy Chief Accountant; and Valentina Tarasova, Leading Human Resources Specialist. Oleg Umnikov, Category 1 Technician, received an Honorary Diploma of the Federal Communications Agency. Rossvyaz Citations were awarded to Elena Kocheva, Deputy Director for Development; Natalia Zakharova, Deputy Head of the Sales Department; and Elena Yevstratova, Senior Literature Editor of the Editing and Publishing Department.

Mr. Shelikhov thanked the JSC “Marka” employees for professionalism and relentless work and mentioned that “communication industry is constantly refining and developing. Each of you is also in an incessant creative pursuit and constant discussion with state institutions and public organizations in terms of issuing state signs of postal payment, which reflect the main events in Russia and worldwide, as well as achievements in all the walks of life.”

Joint-Stock Company “Marka” manufactures and distributes state signs of postal payment, such as postage stamps, artistic stamped envelopes, postcards, and telegraph message forms. The product range also includes philatelic sets with stamps and envelopes in illustrated covers, booklets, as well as various advertising products and greeting cards. More than 250 employees work in the company nowadays; 16 branches operate in various Russian regions.

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