April 9, an official cancellation ceremony of an artistic stamped envelope dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Russian Association of Heroes took place

The ceremony took place in the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War at the Poklonnaya Hill. Vladimir Shelikhov, Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency; and Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov, a Hero of the Russian Federation and the Russian Association of Heroes President, took part in the event.

The Russian Association of Heroes was founded on April 15, 1992. It comprises two interregional non-governmental organizations (in Moscow and Moscow Oblast, and in St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast), regional and local offices, as well as representations in 54 federal subjects of Russia. The Association’s main tasks and objectives are to represent and protect rights and interests of its members with public authorities and local government bodies, civil associations, and other veteran organizations and foundations; to promote patriotic upbringing of Russian citizens, mainly the youth and Armed Forces servicemen, in terms of resilience, valor and devotion to the Motherland; and to participate in charitable activities.

“The Federal Communications Agency together with Joint-Stock Company “Marka” traditionally dedicate signs of postal payment to historic dates, outstanding events, as well as state and public organizations. Not only will the artistic stamped envelope immortalize the memory of the Association, but also attract the attention of the community to its activity”, said Mr. Shelikhov.

Design: Ye. Plotnikova.
Circulation: 1,000,000 copies.

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