The exhibition "AN ART OF STAMP" will take place in the Moscow branch of the Artists' Union of Russia

The exhibition will present paintings of leading miniaturists as well as the state signs of postal payment which they created. The authors are A. Adibekov, V. Beltyukov, O. Savina, S. Ulyanovskiy, A. Fedulov.

The publishing company “Marka” has been the only enterprise that issued and distributed signs of postal payment throughout the philately history of Russia.

The company has a large team of regular staff artists and freelance artists with the unique experience of post miniature; famous painters and black-and-white artists, authoritative members of the artistic community of Russia also work for the company. Special attention is given to product design in terms of both artistic presentation and the introduction of new printing technologies.

The miniaturists’ art forms are various; they create oil painting and art drawing. The widespread geography of their creativity comprises large areas of Russia and other countries of the world.

The painting studio school works at the publishing company, where any employee can learn the basis of art; plein-air painting performs regularly; the permanent exposition works.

The exhibition will be open from March 2 to March 17 in the exhibition hall of the Artists' Union of Russia that is located at Moscow, Begovaya str, 7/9. The opening ceremony will take place March 2, 17.00.

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