February 22, an official cancellation ceremony of a postage stamp featuring a painting Serving the Motherland and Special Forces (2002) by Yuri Orlov took place

The ceremony took place in Reutovo Harrison Officer's Club in Moscow Oblast. Vladimir Shelikhov, Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency; Major General Vladimir Ignatyev, Head of the Chief Directorate of Moral Affairs of the Central Office of the Federal National Guard Troops Service of the Russian Federation; Major General Dmitry Cherepanov, the Commander of the Independent Operational Purpose Division of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation; Yevgeny Zhirkov, Head of Balashikha City District; Colonel General Anatoly Shkirko, Member of the Board of Association of Combat Veterans of Internal Affairs Agencies and the Internal Troops of Russia; and retired Colonel Sergey Lysyuk, a Hero of the Russian Federation, took part in the event.

Yuri Orlov is an Honored Painter of Russia. He graduated from the Stavropol Art College. He worked in the Academy of Arts of the USSR Creative Workshop under A. Tkachev and S. Tkachev in 1989–1991. Orlov won the Stavropol Komsomol Prize in Literature, Culture and Art named after A. Skokov in 1988. He was awarded a diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts in 1996 and in 1998 — a “To the Deserving” diploma and a medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. Orlov received a diploma of the Moscow Union of Artists in 2002 and a diploma of the Union of Artists of Russia in 2004 for success in creative work and promoting graphic art in Russia. In 1997, he received the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Award for the best works in literature, culture and art. Yuri Orlov has been working in Vereshchagin Artists Studio of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia since 1992.

“The Federal Communications Agency together with Joint-Stock Company “Marka” annually has been issuing Contemporary Art of Russia stamps since 2011. I am sure these stamps will contribute to promoting patriotism, sense of duty and dignity, as well as pride for being a part of those who uphold the law and order”, said Mr. Shelikhov.

Design: O. Savina.
Face value: 31 RUB.
Size of stamps: 50×37 mm; size of sheets: 120×130 mm.
Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins of 6 (2×3) stamps.
Circulation: 228,000 stamps (38,000 sheets each).

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