Dear designers, We remind you that a 2017 open postal miniatures contest continues at JSC “Marka” website

Submissions and postage stamps artworks on the following topics are currently being accepted:

 Association of Combat Veterans of Internal Affairs Agencies and the Internal Troops of Russia
 Way to Victory. Continuation of the series. Defense of Sevastopol and a Battle for the Crimea. Battle of Stalingrad. The Normandie-Niemen Aviation Regiment. Northern convoys
 25th All-Russian Festival “Russian Student Spring”
 Literature heritage of Russia. Russian fables
 Coats of arms of constituent entities and cities of the Russian Federation. Astrakhan Oblast, Kaliningrad Oblast
 Joint issue of Russia and Israel. Architecture
 Applied arts and crafts of Russia. Zhostovo painting
 Joint issue of Russia and Thailand. State Rulers
 100th anniversary of Bakhchysarai Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Museum Reserve
 200th birth anniversary of Ivan Aivazovsky (1817‒1900), a painter
 175th birth anniversary of Vasily Vereshchagin (1842‒1904), a painter

Anyone may take part in the contest. You have to send us duly formed submissions and artworks.

We wait for your works at 4/6 bld. 9, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya St, Moscow 123242, or at specifying “Contest” in the subject field.

Finalists and winners will receive a money reward.

You can find more information at Contest.

Participate in a fascinating process of creating a postal miniature!

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