The Catalogues of Postage Stamps issued under the auspices of the Federal Communications Agency, got the highest award at the International Philatelic Exhibition “Rossika-2014”

International Philatelic Exhibition "Rossika 2014" was held in the building of the Federation Council in Moscow, from 27 to 29 September 2014. Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka" took part in the competitive class of philatelic literature, which included about 100 publications from 19 countries, including catalogues, magazines, encyclopedias, monographs.

The Catalogues of Postage Stamps “Stamped Envelopes, Postal Packages, Confidential Announcement, Letters, Postal Sheets of the Russian Empire, the Grand Duchy of Finland, the USSR, the Tuvan People's Republic and the Russian Federation 1845-2012” got the highest award.

The Catalogue ”Postage stamps. Zemstvo, Wenden. Postage Stamps, Stamped Envelopes, Cards, Postal Packages 1862-1919” and the annual set of a magazine “Philately” got the gold medal.

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