Catalogues for State Signs of Postal Payment and The Philately Magazine received top awards at the BRASILIANA 2013 World Stamp Exhibition

The FSUE Marka Publishing and Trading Centre supervised by the Federal Communications Agency presented catalogues for signs of postal payment and The Philately magazine 2012 yearly set in the Philatelic Literature Competitive Class at the “BRASILIANA 2013” World Stamp Exhibition.

The “BRASILIANA 2013” World Stamp Exhibition was dedicated to the 350th Anniversary of the Brazilian Post and to the 170th Anniversary of Brazilia’s first postage stamp was held in Rio de Janeiro on 19-25 November 2013. The exhibition displayed over 740 exhibit items from 67 countries. The Literature Competitive Class included 115 philatelic editions.

At the close of the completion the following editions were awarded a gold plated medal:”Pre-stamped Envelopes, Parcels, Confidential Announcement Letters, Postal Sheets of the Russian Empire, the Grand Duchy of Finland, the USSR, the Tuvan People's Republic and the Russian Federation 1845 – 2012’ and “Postcards, Lettercards, Postal Order Forms of the Russian Empire, the Grand Duchy of Finland, RSFSR, USSR, Russian Federation 1871 – 2012”.

The catalogue “Postage Stamps of the Russian Empire 1857-1919, RSFSR 1918-1923, USSR 1923-1960” and The Philatel magazine 2012 yearly set were awarded big silver medals.

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