№ 378/окр. 125th Birth Anniversary of K.S. Alabyan (1897-1959), architect

Artist-designer – Savina O.


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Karo Alabyan (1897-1959) was a Soviet architect, academician, and executive editor of the Architecture of the USSR magazine.

In 1936-1937, Alabyan (in cooperation with architect S. Safaryan) began to work on the project of the exhibition hall of the Armenian SSR of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition. In 1939, K. Alabyan went into the first group of full members of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR and was elected its first Vice-President. Since 1942, he was a member of the Commission for Registering and Protection of Monuments of Art, the Chairman of the Reconstruction Commission of the Union of Soviet Architects of the USSR. In 1943-1945, he was in charge of the development of the Master Plan of Stalingrad reconstruction. In 1949-1953, Alabyan was the Vice-President of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR.

Karo Alabyan designed the development of the governmental center in the city of Frunze (1951), created a competitive building project of the Borodino Panorama (1951) in Moscow, built the Harbor Station in Sochi (1949-1953), carried out the construction of the railway station in Voronezh (1950-1953), and a number of residential settlements on Leningrad Avenue in Moscow (1955-1958).

The postcard with a commemorative stamp provides a portrait of Karo Alabyan and his sketch of the exhibition hall of the Armenian SSR (1939).


Denomination Paper Printing method Format of the postal card Edition
Letter "B" Chalk surfaced Offset 105 × 148 mm 4,5 thousand postcards

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