№ 3241. Artistic stamp 200 rubles

Artist – Nikonov V.
Design – Moscovets A.

№ 3241  

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The release is provided with an up-to-date set of protection means; the postal stamp is produced on a self-adhesive base to facilitate its application.

The postage stamp presents an image of an emblem of the Federal Postal Service organizations of the Russian Federation in an ornamental design.

A sheet with 30 (6×5) stamps.


Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the stamp Format of the sheet Edition
Self-adhesive Offset + metallized paint + security system of the series of the Seventh standard issue of postage stamps of the Russian Federation “Eagles”, curly die-cutting Die cut 11½ 25 × 34 mm 203,2 × 220 mm 1 million 20 thousand stamps / 34 thousand sheets

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