№ 3027-3030. Fauna of Russia. Mammoth fauna

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Design – Savina O.

№ 3027-3030 квартблок  

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The mammoth fauna is a complex of mammals, which was formed in late Pleistocene (about 10-100 thousand years ago) in the extratropical zone of Eurasia and North America and migrated depending on changes in the glacier boundaries to the north or to the south.

Around the turn of the Holocene period (about 11 thousand years ago), due to sudden warming and humidifying of the climate, which led to thawing of tundra steppes and other radical changes in landscapes, the mammoth fauna broke up. Some species, such as the mammoth, the woolly rhinoceros, the Irish elk, and the cave lion, perished from the earth. A number of large species of tylopods and ungulates (wild camels, horses, yaks, saigas) survived in the steppes of Central Asia. Bison and wild asses adapted to life in completely different natural zones. Reindeer and caribous, muskoxen, Arctic foxes, wolverines, Arctic hares and other species were driven out far to the north.

The postage stamps provide images of representatives of the mammoth fauna: extinct – a cave bear and a woolly rhinoceros with cubs; currently available – an elk and a muskox.


Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the stamp Format of the block of four Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system Frame 11¼ 50 × 50 × 70 mm 80 × 80 mm 45 thousand blocks of four

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