№ 3000. 125th Birth Anniversary of I. Dubasov (1897–1988), artist

Artist-designer – Uliyanovskiy S.
Engraver –

Souvenir sheet №3000

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Ivan Dubasov (1897–1988) was a Russian Soviet artist and engraver, the Art Director of Goznak (1932-1971), an Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1959).

In 1922, Dubasov took part in the competition for the best sketch of a postage stamp dedicated to the 5th Anniversary of the October Revolution and the formation of the RSFSR.

The majority of the jury selected the Ivan Dubasov's drawing under the motto RSFSR 1917-1922 as the best artwork. After that he was invited to work at Goznak as an engraver and then as a layout artist.

Ivan Dubasov participated in finalizing the sketch of the coat of arms of the USSR, which was finally approved by a signature of the Secretary of the CEC Alexander Enukidze on September 22, 1923.

For nearly 40 years, Ivan Dubasov was the Art Director of Goznak. He designed more than 150 original postage stamps with diverse subjects.

The postage stamp provides a portrait of Ivan Dubasov and the artist’s tools; the margins of the postage block feature an archival photo of the Goznak building, sketches of the Order of Lenin, coat of arms of the USSR, a 3 ruble banknote and an Ivan Dubasov’s facsimile.


Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the block Format of the stamp Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + metallography in 2 paints (paint invisible in IR radiation + paint visible in IR radiation and having magnetic properties) + security system Frame 11¾:12 106 × 77 mm 50 × 37 mm 25 thousand blocks

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