№ 2843-2844. Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Tourism

Artist-designer – Uliyanovskiy I.


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Arctic tourism in Russia is a part of tourism in Russia in the Arctic area, that is a physical and geographical region of the Earth adjacent to the North Pole and incorporating the continental margin in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Ocean and the land domains of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

Tourist operators of the Russian Federation offer sea cruises, rafting, boating, fishing and hunting, skiing and hiking routes in the Arctic region. There is a trend of increasing interest of Russians in Arctic tourism. In 2009, the Russian Arctic national park was established in the northern part of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. It is of interest from the viewpoint of both ecological and scientific and educational tourism.

In demand is the Arctic expedition tourism; its routes pass through the islands of the Arctic Ocean: Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, to the North Pole from Murmansk, along the coasts of the Baltic, Barents and White Seas, along the Chukchi Peninsula with a visit to Wrangel Island, along the coast of Sakhalin and Kamchatka, with visits to the Commander and Kuril Islands. The Development of domestic and inbound tourism (2019-2025) Federal Target Program specifies cruises as the main direction of tourism development in the Arctic.

The postal stamps provide images of Hooker Island, Tikhaya Bay, and Chump Island, stone balls.


Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the Stamp Format of the Sheet Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + partial varnishing with varnish-UV + partial varnishing with stencil varnish + security system Comb 12¼:12 42×30 124×60 55 000

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