№ 2750. Tariff mark " 24 rubles"

Artist – Nikonov V.
Design – Moscovets A.


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JSC "Marka" issues postage stamps with a designated tariff that reflects the cost of sending internal mail.

The nominal value of the tariff stamp of 24 rubles corresponds to the current postal tariff for sending a simple envelope with a letter weighing up to 20 g; the nominal value of the stamp of 56 rubles corresponds to a registered letter weighing up to 20 g.

Tariff stamps eliminate overpayment and simplify the preparation of correspondence for sending: it is easier to stick one stamp on an envelope than several.

Tariff stamps are provided with a modern set of protective equipment and are made on a self-adhesive basis. These stamps will not only be used to pay for sending mail, but will also add to the collections of postcrossers and philatelists.

The postage stamps in bright colors depict the emblem of the federal postal service organizations of the Russian Federation with an ornamental frame and the denominations of 24 and 56 rubles.


Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the Stamp Edition
Self-adhesive Offset with the use of a security system of the series of the Seventh standard issue of postage stamps of the Russian Federation "Eagles", curly die-cutting Die cut 11½ 20 х 27,5 mm 121,600 million copies.

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