№ 2679. Russian Geographical Society

Artist-designer – Uliyanovskiy I.

Souvenir sheet

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The Russian Geographical Society was established on August 18, 1845, in St. Petersburg by the highest authority of Emperor Nicholas I. The idea of the Society foundation belonged to Admiral F.P. Litke, the mentor of the future first Chairman of the Russian Geographical Society, Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich. The main aim of the Society was to involve the best Russian forces to a comprehensive study of the native land and its inhabitants.

The Russian Geographical Society has made a significant contribution to the study of European Russia, the Urals, Siberia, Far East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, India, New Guinea, Polar and other territories.

Nowadays, the Society includes more than 22,000 members in Russia and abroad. Its regional branches are opened in all the Russian Federation members. The main areas of activities of the Society are expeditions and researches, education and enlightenment, nature protection, book publishing and work with youth.

The postal block provides an image of the emblem of the 175th Anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society; the margins of the block feature a map of the world and imagery reflecting the major geographical researches and discoveries.

Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the Stamp Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system Comb 12½ 33 35000

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