№ 2684. 175th Birth Anniversary of Lev S. Golitsyn, the founder of winemaking in Crimea

Design artist – Uliyanovskiy S.

№ 2684

Prince Lev Golitsyn (1845-1915) was the founder of winemaking in Crimea and industrial production of sparkling wines in Abrau-Durso.

In the early 1890s, he was the first in Russia to launch mass production of high-quality champagne-like, sparkling and other grape wines at a winery built in Novy Svet. In 1892, Emperor Alexander III appointed Prince Golitsyn as the chief winemaker of the Livadia estate of His Imperial Majesty and apanage estates in the Crimea and the Caucasus. In 1894, L. Golitsyn established the Abrau-Durso winery. In 1894, Lev Golitsyn started the construction of the Russia’s first underground plant for the production and aging of table and sweet wines near Yalta in Massandra.

The postal stamp provides Lev Golitsyn’s portrait, an image of the Massandra winery and a Gold Medal of the 1900 Paris Exhibition.

Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the Stamp Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system Comb 12:12½ 65×32,5 120000


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