№ СН1147. Souvenir pack in cover “700th Anniversary of the Oreshek fortress (2nd form of issue)”



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The Oreshek Fortress is an Old Russian fortification located on Orekhovy Island at the source of the Neva River, opposite the town of Shlisselburg in the Leningrad Region. It was built in 1323 by Prince Yuri Danilovich, a grandson of Alexander Nevsky, to protect Lake Ladoga from the Swedes.

There are five towers along the perimeter of the fortress walls. Inside the fort, in its northeastern part, there stands high a citadel: a castle inside the fortress, which is circumferentially protected by three more towers and a 12-meter deep moat. It was used to store weapons and food.

Today, the Oreshek Fortress is one of the few remaining ancient fortifications, a major monument of architecture and history of federal significance. It is a branch of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg.

The postal block presents an image of the Oreshek Fortress.

The composition of the souvenir pack in cover “700th Anniversary of the Oreshek fortress (2nd form of issue)” is included a postal block №3097-I “700th Anniversary of the Oreshek fortress” with serigraphic varnish and bronze paste.


Paper Printing method Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + glossy lamination 4 200 pcs.

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