№ СН1054. Souvenir set in an art cover "Railway transport of Russia. Modern trains"



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The railway complex has a special strategic importance for Russia. It is he who ensures the stable operation of industrial enterprises, timely delivery of vital goods to the most remote corners of the country and connects the settlements of our country. The train is considered the most affordable transport for millions of citizens of the country. Open Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways" is one of the world's top three railway companies. The operational length of the railways is 85.6 thousand km.

JSC "Russian Railways" pays great attention to the continuous improvement of trains. Modern trains are eco-friendly in operation, created using innovative technologies, equipment and materials, provide passengers with comfort throughout the journey, for example, high-speed "Sapsan", high-speed" Swallow "and" Strizh", branded" Red Arrow", trains with double-decker cars. Specially designed unique trains, such as the Ruskeala Express, run to tourist destinations. This is a retro train on a locomotive traction on the route Sortavala-Mountain Park "Ruskeala", the interior of the cars is made in the original design of the "Nikolaev Express" of the late XIX-early XX century. Currently, numerous railway lines unite the country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, allow you to see the most picturesque routes and appreciate the unique beauty of nature, introduce you to the history, culture and sights of various regions of the country.

The postage stamps depict the "Ruskeala Express" and a train with double-decker cars.

The composition of the art cover includes: 2795-2796 " Railway transport of Russia. Modern trains"; 2 efficiency with gas. " Railway transport of Russia. Modern trains";


Paper Printing method Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system 900

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