№ СП983. 150th anniversary of V.I. Lenin (1870–1924), historian, philosopher

Design artist – Korneyeva M.
Photo – RIA Novosti

№ СП983

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924) was an outstanding political and state figure, one of the organizers and leaders of the October revolution of 1917 in Russia, the founder of the first ever socialist state.

He elaborated an integral theory of humankind transition from capitalism to socialism, disclosed its content and regularities, developed and made more specific the doctrine of K. Marx and F. Engels about the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The postal stamp provides an image of the sculptural portrait, and the margins of the stamp sheet show V.I. Lenin’s manuscripts and facsimile.

Paper Printing method Cover format Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system

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