№ СП1004. Souvenir pack in cover "Paleontological Heritage of Russia" (2nd form of issue)

Photo –
Artist-designer – Karpova N.
Photo – Aleshina L.

№ СП1004

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Paleontology is the scientific study of fossil remains of plants and animals. Its main task is to study and reconstruct on the basis of the found remains the habitus, biological features, methods of nutrition and reproduction of extinct animals, as well as to restore the course of their biological evolution.

Fossils of a large variety of theroid reptiles of different eras of the Earth geological history have been found on the territory of modern-day Russia and characterized.

The postal stamps provide images of fossil remains and reconstructed images of Inostrancevia, Pliosaurus rossicus, the woolly mammoth and the Giant Deer.

Paper Printing method Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system 5500

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