№ 380/кор. On the 80th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 series. 100th Birth Anniversary of Z. Kosmodemyanskaya (1923–1941), intelligence officer, Hero of the Soviet Union

Sculptor – Tsereteli Z.
Artist-designer (illustration) – Karpova N.
Artist-designer (emblem) – Moscovets A.
Photo – Boriskina I.

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Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya (1923-1941) was a Red Army soldier of the subversive reconnaissance group of the Western Front headquarters, the first woman to be awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously) during the Great Patriotic War

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya's group received a combat assignment to burn 10 settlements within a week. The task was to be carried out within the framework of the order of the Supreme High Command to burn settlements in the occupied territory.

Kosmodemyanskaya managed to fulfil only a part of the combat order, having organized the arson of three houses with sleeping German soldiers going to the front, as well as destroyed their transport and horses. During the second arson attempt, the alarm was raised and Kosmodemyanskaya was arrested. She was tortured after having been captured and finally executed by hanging.

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya became one of the symbols of heroism of the Soviet people in the Second World War.

The commemorative stamp provides an image of the emblem of celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945; the main illustration features a Monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya by Zurab Tsereteli installed in the town of Ruza.


Denomination Paper Printing method Format of the envelope Edition
Letter “A” High Whiteness Modified (HWM) Offset 110 × 220 mm 0,5 million copies

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