№ 358/кор. 250th Anniversary of the birth of M.M. Speransky (1772-1839), statesman and public figure

Artist-designer – Komsa R.


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Count Mikhail M Speransky (1772-1839) went down in history as a great Russian reformer, the founder of the Russian legal science and theoretical science of law.

His practical activities were in many resects related to the reformation of the state legal system of the Russian Empire. M. Speransky's concept provided the basis of famous Decree On free grain farmers (1803) by Alexander I, which enabled landlords to manumit serfs by granting them land.

In 1816-1819, Speransky was the Governor of Penza, and in 1819-1821, the Governor-General of Siberia. During the reign of Nicholas I he headed the work on codification of legislation, thereby laying the foundation of theoretical jurisprudence (legal science) in Russia.

On January 19, 1833, during a special meeting of the State Council, he presented to the Emperor 45 volumes of the Complete Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire and 15 volumes of the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire.

The commemorative stamp provides a portrait of M. Speransky; the illustration features painting by A.D. Kivshenko Nicholas I laying the Order of Saint Andrew the First-Called on Count Speransky (1880, the Central Naval Museum).


Denomination Paper Printing method Block format Edition
Letter «A» High Whiteness Modified (HWM) Offset 110x220 1,0 million copies

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