On February 7, a stamp dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of Ivan A. Bunin will be put into postal circulation in the Noble Prize Winners series

Ivan A. Bunin (1870−1953) is a Russian writer and poet, the Nobel Prize Winner for Literature. He was an Honorary Academician in the belle-lettres grade of the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

The postal stamp provides a Bunin’s portrait against a Russian manor house; the margins of the stamp sheet show the writer’s quotations and facsimile.

In addition to the emission of the postal stamp, JSC Marka will produce First Day Covers and special cancels for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Voronezh.

Design Artist: S Ulyanovsky 
Face value: 50 rubles 
Stamp size: 32.5×32.5 mm, sheet size: 125×125 mm.
Form of issue: Sheet with illustrated margins of 9 (3×3) stamps
Quantity: 126 thousand stamp (14 thousand sheet).

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