On December 23, a postage stamp with an overprint dedicated to the opening of the railway connection on the Crimean bridge will be issued

The railway traffic on the Crimean bridge will open in December 2019. The Crimean bridge is one of the largest in Europe, its length is 19 - km. The route starts on the Taman Peninsula, runs along the existing 5-kilometre dam and Tuzla Island, then crosses the Kerch Strait and goes to the Crimean coast.

The passage consists of two bridges located next to each other - railway and automobile. Road traffic on the bridge was opened on May 16, 2018.

The first train to Crimea will go from Moscow railway station of St. Petersburg on December 23, 2019, at 14:00 Moscow time and will continue till Sevastopol. The start of train traffic from Moscow to Simferopol is planned for December 24, a departure from Kazan railway station at 23:45 Moscow time.

The postage stamp depicts the view of the Crimean bridge and placed the printed text “St. Petersburg – Sevastopol. Moscow – Simferopol” on it, as well as an overprint of the new denomination. There is the overprint “railway traffic opening. December 2019 year” on the margins of the stamp sheet.

Stamp sheet with the printed text is presented in the composition of the art cover.

Artist: Beltyukov V. Designer: Miloradova M.
Denomination: 50 rubles
Form issue: sheet of 5 stamps and 10 coupons.
Quantity: 27,5 thousand stamps (5,5 thousand sheets).

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