On December 10, in the framework of the series “Decorative and Applied Art of Russia”, four stamps dedicated to bone carving will be issued in postal circulation



Bone carving is an ancient type of decorative art, distributed mainly in the northern regions.

In Russia, there are four of the most famous bone carving industries: in the Arkhangelsk region - the villages of Kholmogory and Lomonosovo, in Tyumen - the city of Tobolsk, in Chukotka - the village of Uelen, in the Republic of Sakha - Yakutsk.

A feature of Russian bone objects is their functionality. Most products along with aesthetic value have practical applications, and only a small part serves exclusively for interior decoration.

Postage stamps depict fragments of products of the Kholmogorsk bone carving with the plots: Nenets hunting, birds, hare and ornament.

In addition to the emission of postage stamps of JSC “Marka“ will be issued a First Day Cover and special cancellation marks for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk , as well as two art covers, in one - postage stamps with vignettes, in the second - the second form of issue, made using laser cutting.

Design artist: Moskovets A.
Denomination: 56 rubles for each
Stamp Size: 58 × 26 mm; sheet size: 136 × 132 mm; Quarter block size: 150 × 88 mm.
Release form: sheets with formatted margins of 8 (2 × 4) grades; a block of 4 stamps (the second form of release).
Quantity: 120 thousand stamps (15 thousand sheets each); 6 thousand blocks of 4 stamps (the second form of release).

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