On November 19, a stamp dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Polar explorer Ivan D. Papanin will go into postal circulation

Ivan D. Papanin (1894−1986) is an Artic explorer, a Doctor of Geographic Sciences, a Rear Admiral, and a double Hero of the Soviet Union.

The stamp provides an Ivan Papanin’s portrait against the background of Arctic Station “North Pole-1”.

In addition to the emission of the postage stamp, the JSC Marka will produce a First Day Cover and special cancels for Moscow, St.-Petersburg, and Sevastopol.

Artist: S. Sviridov, design by S. Ulyanovsky.
Tax value: 53 rubles.
Stamp size: 58×26 mm, sheet size: 134×113 mm.
Emission form: a sheet with formatted margins containing 6 (2×3) stamps.
Quantity: 96,000 of stamps (16,000 of sheets).


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