On July 3, in the framework of the joint release of Russia and Belarus, the post to the series “Path to Victory” series dedicated to the operation “Bagration” will be released into circulation

Belarusian offensive operation (June 23 - August 29, 1944) - The operation “Bagration” is a large-scale battle of the Great Patriotic War, which lasted 68 days. B yla defeated the most powerful group in ermahta - Army Group "Center", available a vast territory of Belarus, a significant portion of the waste and the Polish part of the Baltic. Soviet troops reached the approaches to Warsaw and the border with East Prussia. It also contributed to the deployment of offensive operations by Anglo-American forces that had landed in Normandy.

The postage stamp depicts a bas-relief depicting a group of Soviet soldiers during Operation Bagration.

In addition to the release of a postage stamp will be issued the first day of the envelope and the ram I made s special cancellation for Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Designer : S. Ulyanovsky .
Rating : 50 r.
Size March ca. 65 × 32,5 mm; sheet size: 180 × 180 mm.
Form release: sheet s with decorated fields (2 × 4) of 7 brands and a coupon.
Circulation: 126 thousand marks (18 thousand sheets).


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