On June 28, within the framework of the series “Flora of Russia,” 4 stamps dedicated to bells will be issued in postal circulation

Handbells ( Campanula ; from Lat . with ampana - bell) - herbaceous plants belonging to the bell family. This genus includes more than 300 species. The best bells grow in the steppes , in the meadows, on the rocks, desert areas, as well as in the forest. Blossom from June to frost.

Under natural conditions, they can be found in areas with a temperate climate: in Central and Western Asia, in Siberia, in the Caucasus, in Europe and in North America.

The flowers are bell-shaped or star-shaped and are colored in white, yellow, pink, blue, as well as in various shades of purple.

The postage stamps depict types of bells: Bologna, peach , ciliated and pendant .

In addition to the issue of a postage stamp of JSC “Marka”, an envelope of the first day will be issued and a first day stamp will be made for Moscow, as well as cardmaximums , an art cover, stamps inside, stamps, an envelope of the first day with blanking for Moscow.

Designer: O. Savina.
Rating: 45 r. every brand.
Size of stamp: 36.5 × 29 mm, sheet size: 100 × 150 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with decorated fields of 8 stamps (2 × 4).
Circulation: 70 thousand marks (35 thousand sheets)

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