On June 27, a stamp devoted to the theme “I love Russia” will be released into circulation

Russia is a unique, beautiful and hospitable country with many historical and natural sights. Familiarity with our vast country, characterized by the diversity and splendor of natural beauty, will turn into an exciting, unforgettable journey.

Postage stamps - the original business cards of the country. Signs of postal payment reach the most remote corners of the planet, easily overcome state borders, telling Russia in a kind of expressive language to residents of other countries of the world. The subject of modern post miniatures is diverse. It reflects the rich animal and plant world of our country, the multinational state structure of Russia, the cultural, historical and religious heritage of the peoples living on its territory, Orthodoxy, images and symbols of Slavic mythology.

The postage stamp depicts a fairy-tale bird with its wings spread out, a woman's face and a crown sitting on a flowering branch.

In addition to the issue of postage stamps of JSC “Mark”, envelopes of the first day will be issued and special cancellation stamps for Moscow will be made, as well as an art cover and a maximum card will be issued .

Artist: V. Vatolin .
Rating: 18 r.
Mark size: 37 × 37 mm, sheet size: 152 × 152 mm.
Form release: sheets with decorated fields of 9 brands (3 × 3).
Circulation: 315 thousand marks (35 thousand sheets).

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