On June 7, a stamp dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the city of Yeniseisk of the Krasnoyarsk Territory will be issued

Yeniseisk - one of the oldest Siberian cities. The administrative center of the eponymous district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The Yenisei burg (first Tungussky) was laid on the left bank of the Yenisei in the summer of 1619 by a Cossack detachment headed by Maxim Trubchaninov as a military fortress.

In 1677, Yeniseisk became a discharge (regional) city. He was in charge of almost all of Eastern Siberia. Farming, iron-making, leather dressing, and wood processing were developed in the city and the surrounding area. In the X VIII century, Yeniseisk was famous for its famous fairs. During the years of Soviet power in Yeniseisk, enterprises developed related to the servicing of a shipping company on the Yenisei and local needs.

In 1970, Yeniseisk was listed as a historical city in Russia.

The postage stamp depicts a view of the city of Yeniseisk.

In addition to the issue of postage stamps of JSC “Marka”, envelopes of the first day will be issued and special cancellation stamps will be made for Moscow and Yeniseisk of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Design: E. Plotnikova.
Rating: 40 r.
Brand size: 65 × 32.5 mm; sheet size: 160 × 160 mm.
Form release: sheets with decorated fields of 8 stamps (2 × 4).
Circulation: 120 thousand marks (15 thousand sheets).

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