On April 18, the Road to Victory series will release a stamp dedicated to The Crimean Offensive

The Crimean Offensive was a series of offensives by the Soviet Army directed at clearing Crimea from the German and Romanian armies during World War II in 1941-1945. It was launched on April 8 and ended April 12, 1944, by the 4th Ukrainian Front and the Separate Coastal Army together with the Black Sea Fleet and Azov Marines.

The Crimean Offensive ended in profound defeat of the 17th German Army. It eliminated the German threat at the southern front and liberated Sevastopol being the key homeport of the Black Sea fleet, enhanced control over the Black Sea basin.

The stamp features the bas-relief with a group of Soviet soldiers that fought in the Crimean Offensive.

In addition to release of the stamp, Marka JSC will issue a first day envelope and first day postage stamps for Moscow and Sevastopol.

Designer: S. Ulyanovsky
Denomination: 46 rubles
Stamp size: 65×32.5 mm, sheet size: 180 × 180 mm
Form of issuance: a sheet with marked fields (2x4) of 7 stamps and a coupon.
Edition: 126,000 stamps (18,000 sheets).

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