A stamp dedicated to the 300th anniversary of foundation by Peter I of Russia’s first resort Martsialnye Vody was issued on April 5

Martsialnye Vody is existing spa and mud-cure resort founded by order of Peter I in 1719. The village is located at 50 km from Petrozavodsk in the area of multiple ferrous, nitrogen, hydrocarbon-and-sulphate and faintly acidic mineral wells.

The construction of multiple buildings was started in 1719, including three wooden palaces, a four-room house for doctors, residential premises for patients, and a riding room. A wooden carved tent was erected over the well that was used by the tsar family and its court. The resort has four wells of various depth and ferrous content. The water has been studied many times throughout the resort’s history and comparison of the data showed consistency of its content.

In February 1964, the all-Russian spa resort was launched as Martsialnye Vody, titled by the name given by Peter the Great. Today, it provides healthcare services to patients with blood diseases, digestion and lung problems, MSK and CVS systems.

The stamp features a multifigured composition illustrating the arrival of Peter I to the Martsialnye Vody.

In addition to the stamp, Marka JSC has issued a first day envelope and special cancellation postmark for Moscow, St. Petersburg, Martsialnye Vody, and the Republic of Karelia. The company will issue an illustrated cover enclosing the stamp, vignette, the first day envelope cancelled in Martsialnye Vody of the Republic of Karelia.

Designer: S. Ulyanovsky.
Denomination: 50 rubles
Stamp size: 65×32.5 mm, sheet size: 154 × 154 mm.
Form of issuance: sheet with decorated borders, of 8 (2 × 4) stamps.
Edition: 120,000 stamps (15,000 sheets).

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