On February 28, four postage stamps dedicated to decorative breeds of dogs will be issued


For decorative-room dogs are representatives of the breeds that are not intended to perform any work: protection, protection, hunting, running. Their main task is to be faithful and loyal friend to the family.

The postage stamps depict the Russian toy, pti-brabanson, pug and Yorkshire terrier.

In addition to the issue of postage stamps of JSC “Marka”, envelopes of the first day will be issued and special cancellation stamps will be made for Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as four maximum cards and art covers will be issued, inside - postage stamps of different years with images of dogs and blanked envelopes for St. Petersburg.

Designer: O. Savina.
Rating: 35 r.
Brand size: 65 × 32.5 mm; sheet size: 156 × 162 mm.
Form release: sheet with decorated fields of 8 (2 × 4) marks.
Circulation: 60 thousand marks each (30 thousand sheets).


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