On February 13, an envelope with the original stamp dedicated to the 250 years since the birth of Ivan Krylov (1769–1844), fabulist

Ivan Andreevich Krylov (1769−1844) - Russian publicist, poet, fabulist, publisher of satirical and educational journals.

During the years 1786−1788 Krylov wrote the tragedies “Cleopatra” and “Philomela”, the comedies “Mad Family” and “Pranksters”. The name of the young playwright soon became known in theatrical and literary circles.

In 1809 the first book of Krylov's fables was published, in which he acted not only as a moralist, but also as an accuser of the powerful. Many expressions from Krylov's fables became winged. Nine books make up the writer's fabled legacy. The most famous fables include the following: "Dragonfly and Ant", "Swan, Cancer and Pike", "Elephant and Pug", "Monkey and Glasses", "Pig under the Oak Tree", "Crow and Fox".

The original stamp depicts a portrait of I.A. Krylov and the poet's desktop; on the main illustration - books with his works, including the book opened on the page with the fable “Monkey and glasses”.

In addition to issuing an envelope with the original stamp of JSC “Mark”, special cancellation stamps will be made for Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Artist: V. Beltyukov.
Circulation: 1 million copies.

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