On February 12 in postal circulation will issue a stamps, dedicated to the uniforms of the courier service of Russia


The history of the State Courier Service of Russia dates back to December 17, 1796, when Emperor Paul I signed the Decree on the creation of a Separate Courier Corps. The personnel of the Courier Corps (courier) ensured the delivery of orders, reports, securities, parcels, as well as support of high-ranking officials.

Postage stamps depict:
- Officer and courier of the Courier Corps (1797);
- duty officer and senior courier of the Courier Corps (1862);
- Head of the feldpunkt and feldgeger by special commission (1923);
- Officer of Field Communications and Deputy Director of the SFS of Russia (2011).

In addition to the issue of postage stamps of JSC "Mark", the envelope of the first day will be issued and special cancellation stamps will be made for Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Designer: S. Ulyanovsky.
Rating: 22 g.
Size of stamps: 32.5 × 65 mm, sheet size: 154 × 154 mm.
Form of issue: sheets with decorated fields of 8 (4 × 2) marks and a small sheet of 8 (4 × 2) marks.
Circulation: 160 thousand copies. (20 thousand sheets of each), 25 thousand small sheets.

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