On February 11, an envelope with the original stamp dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the Vitaly Bianki, writer

Bianki Vitaly Valentinovich (1894−1959) - writer, classic of children's literature, author of fascinating books about the life of nature.

Bianchi wrote more than 300 stories, fairy tales, stories. The most famous stories are: “Little Peak”, “Sinichkin calendar”, “How an ant hurried home”, “Krasnaya Gorka”, “Forest houses”, etc. Books: “Forest newspaper for every year” (1928), “Forest trees were and fiction "(1957)," Novels and short stories "(1959)," Stories and tales "(1960) and others.

Many works of the writer filmed. Name V.V. Bianki is assigned to the Biya Regional Museum of Local Lore. In 2008, in the coastal strip of the Gulf of Finland in the territory of the village of Lebyazhye, the protected natural landscape “Polyana Bianki” was created.

The original stamp depicts a portrait of V.V. Bianchi on the background of the desktop; in the main illustration - an open book with the works of the writer and their heroes.

In addition to the release of the envelope with the original stamp of JSC “Mark”, special cancellation stamps will be made for the Biysk Altai Krai and St. Petersburg.

Artist: V. Beltyukov.
Circulation: 1 million copies.

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