October 18, an envelope with an original stamp will be sent to the postal address dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of James Aldridge (1918-2015), english writer, journalist and public figure

He received his education at Melbourne College of Commerce, and later at the University of London. After graduation, he stayed in Anglia, where, starting in 1938, he began his career as a journalist.

During the Second World War he works as a military correspondent. He has visited many countries and on various fronts. This life experience writer will later display in the novel "Diplomat". In addition to writing a number of novels and novels, Aldridge is known for his artistic reporting, including "The Song of the Caucasus" and "The Sea Eagle".

Works of the writer are becoming well known on the territory of the USSR after their publication in Russian in periodicals. In 1973, the writer received the International Lenin Prize "For the Strengthening of Peace Among Nations" for creativity aimed at improving international relations.

On the envelope with the original stamp depicts a portrait of James Aldridge on the background of the illustration to the book "The Last inch."

In addition to the issuance of an envelope with the original brand of JSC Marka, a special blanking stamp will be made for Moscow.

Artist-designer: V. Khablovsky.
Edition: 1 million copies.

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