On October 9, a card with an original stamp will be sent to the postal address dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Military Institute of the Military Academy of Material and Technical Support General of the Army A.V. Khrulev

The Institute has been conducting its history since 1918, when the First Soviet instructor's military-railway courses were created, subsequently transformed into the First Soviet Military Railway School of Command Staff. From the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the cadets took part in the military operations on the Luga border, in the preparation of partisan bases in the Leningrad region.

In peacetime, graduates of the Institute were engaged in the reconstruction and reconstruction of the transport network. They participated in the construction of the Abakan-Taishet, Ivdel-Ob, Tyumen-Surgut, Baikal-Amur railroad, the Transsib electrification, and the development of the transport network of the entire USSR and other countries.

June 21, 2012 the school was renamed the Military Institute (Railway Troops and Military Communications) Military Academy of Material and Technical Support. General of the Army A.V. Khrulev.

The original stamp depicts images of Russian warriors from different eras; on the main image - the emblem of the Military Institute (Railway Troops and Military Communications).

In addition to the issue of the card with the original brand of JSC Marka, a special blanking stamp will be made for St. Petersburg.

Designer: S. Ulyanovskiy, R. Komsa.
Edition: 10 thousand copies.

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