In the “Coats of Arms of Constituent Entities and Cities of the Russian Federation” series, one sheet will be issued on October 9 to commemorate the Moscow Oblast

The coat of arms of Moscow Oblast was adopted on 15 July 2005. It is a shield, in which St George the Victorious is depicted in silver (armor, helmet and boots) and an azure (blue) cloak, sitting in purple with a gold fringe saddle on a silver galloping horse, striking with a golden spear, crowned with a golden eight-pointed cross, a golden winged serpent (four-pawed dragon) with green wings.

On the postage stamp the modern coat of arms of the Moscow region is depicted, on the fields of the postal block there are historical coats of arms 1730, 1781, 1856 and 1992.

Additionally, JSC Marka will manufacture first day covers and special cancellation postmark for Moscow and Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast.

Artist-designer: A. Moskovets.
Denomination: 120 r.
The block size: 90 × 90 mm, the size of the brand in the block: 45 × 45 mm.
Edition: 45 thousand copies.

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