September 20, four postage stamps are issued as part of the Contemporary Art of Russia series

The series of postage stamps “Contemporary Art of Russia” reflects the work of modern authors, conveying the atmosphere of the new Russia, its originality and dynamism, demonstrates the techniques and approaches inherent in our era to create paintings and sculptural compositions.

Postage stamps depict:

- a monument to soldiers who died in local wars and military conflicts (2007) G.ZH. Dolmogombetova;
- sculpture “painter M.V. Nesterov ”(2015) A.A. Mironov;
- the painting “In the Fields” (2003) N.N. Plastova;
- cabinet hours with a calendar (2005) P.N. Radimov.


In addition to the issue of postage stamps of JSC “Marka”, the first day envelopes will be issued and special cancellation stamps for Moscow will be made, and an art cover will be published, inside — four postage stamps, first day envelopes with cancellations for Moscow.

Design: O. Savina, S. Ulyanovsky.
Rating: 37 r. every brand.
Size of stamps: 32.5 × 65 mm, 37 × 50 mm, 50 × 37 mm;
size of sheets: 118 × 150 mm, 130 × 120 mm, 120 × 130 mm.
Release form: sheets with decorated fields of 6 (3 × 2) and 6 (2 × 3) marks.
Circulation: 120 thousand stamps each (20 thousand sheets each).

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