On September 5, a card with imprinted stamp will be issued to commemorate the 125th Birth Anniversary of Vladimir Mayakovsky

Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (1893–1930) is one of the largest Russian Soviet poets of the 20th century.

Vladimir Mayakovsky was born 1893 in the year in Bagdati, Kutaisi province. In 1906, the family moved to Moscow.

The poetry of Vladimir Mayakovsky is the artistic chronicle of our country in the era of the Great October Revolution and the building of socialism. His works are distinguished by the use of short verse and line breaks ("ladders"); mixing lyrical and satirical element; use of emotionally colored, including obscene, vocabulary; autobiographical and identification of the author and lyrical hero.

Among the works of the poet can be noted such as "Cloud in pants", "Spine Flute", "Loud", "Seated", "Good!", Plays "Bug" and "Bath", the tragedy "Vladimir Mayakovsky" and others

The card with the original stamp shows posters and a portrait of V.V. Mayakovsky.

In addition to the issuance of an envelope with the original brand of JSC Marka, a special blanking stamp will be made for Moscow.

Designer: V. Hablovsky.
Edition: 10 thousand copies.


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