On August 30, in the postal circulation will stamp dedicated to the Artistic Enamel Russian Arts and Crafts



Art enamel (enamel) - production of works of art with the help of vitreous powder, enamel, on a metal substrate, a kind of applied art. Glass coating is durable and does not fade with time, products from enamel are characterized by a special brightness and purity of colors. Enamel acquires the desired color after firing with the help of additives for which metal salts are used. For example, gold additives give the glass a ruby color, cobalt blue, and copper green. When solving specific painterly tasks, the brightness of the enamel can, as opposed to glass, be muffled.

Postage stamps depict Vologda, Krasnoselskaya, Kubachi and Rostov enamel.

In addition to the issue of postage stamps of JSC "Mark" stamps of the first day will be made for Moscow, Makhachkala, Vologda, Rostov of the Yaroslavl region, and an art cover will be published, inside - four postage stamps, envelopes of the first day with cancellations for Moscow.

Designer: H. Betredinova.
Rating: 25 r. every brand.
Brand size: 37 × 37 mm; sheet size: 94 × 94 mm.
Form release: block of 4 brands.

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