Four stamps will be issued on June 29 in the "Monumental Art of the Moscow Metro" series


The Moscow Metro is a public transport, which opened on May 15, 1935.

Many stations of the Moscow Metro are monuments of architecture. Outstanding masters created an amazing underground ensemble, characterized by cheerful character, unique images, and beautiful architectural compositions. Engineering thought and the artist's inspiration combined here in harmony. Renowned architects and artists took part in designing and decorating metro stations.

The 2018 postage stamps are dedicated to mosaic art of the Moscow Metro.

They depict the following works of monumental art (mosaics) at Moscow Metro stations:

- S.V. Goryaev. "The Church of St. Tryphon", (station "Maryina Roshcha");
- Z. K. Tsereteli. "Victory in the War of 1812", (station "Victory Park");
- P. D. Korin. "Alexander Nevsky", (station "Komsomolskaya");
- А.А. Deineka. "24-Hour Soviet Sky", (station "Mayakovskaya").

In addition to the postal stamp, Marka JSC will release the first day cover and a special cancellation stamp for Moscow, as well as an art cover, four postage stamps inside, and the first day cover with a cancellation for Moscow.

Design: S. Ulyanovsky.
Denomination: 40 rubles per each stamp.
Stamp size: 50×37 mm, sheet size: 170×178 mm.
Form of issuance: sheet with decorated fields of 12 (3 × 4) stamps.
Circulation: 105,000 for each stamp (35,000 sheets).


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