May 25, a souvenir sheet dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian police is to be put into circulation

The history of the Russian police dates back to 1718 when Peter the Great instituted the office of the General Chief of Police of St Petersburg and appointed aide-de-camp general Count Anton Manuilovich Devier to that position. He wrote thirteen points in his own hand, which determined the scope of duties of the city’s police.

Later, police force was created in other cities of the Russian Empire.

One of the most important institutions of state authority, the police has traveled a long development path over the last three centuries, always remaining a pillar of civil order and public security, as well as the main force countering crime.

Not all periods of the history of Russian police are thoroughly studied and covered. Our duty is to fill those gaps, and to return the earned glory, broad fame and memory to many outstanding public officials and police officers by means of science, education and propaganda. The list comprises Viktor Kochubey, the first Minister for Internal Affairs; aide-de-camp general Aleksandr Balashov, the first Minister for Police and Patriotic War participant; as well Ivan Putilin, Arkadiy Koshko and Vladimir Filippov, founders of criminal investigation.

The Soviet militia has a proud history, the officers of which heroically fought on the front, countered sabotage and reconnaissance groups, provided security of logistics and transport facilities during the Great Patriotic War, and administered the law in the country at time of peace.

Russian police of the 21st century is a powerful and effective part of the state’s law enforcement having special weapons and equipment, modern methods of solving crimes, and highly qualified personnel in its arsenal. Along with that, the current generation of officers of internal affairs agencies holds true to the best traditions of the police, and enriches them by professionalism and bona fide service.

The souvenir sheet depicts a painting by А. Shumeyko – Announcement of Peter I Decree on Appointment of A.M. Devier as the General Chief of Police of St Petersburg (2015) stored at the V. Vereshagin Art Studio of the Interior Ministry of Russia.

In addition of the stamp, JSC Marka is to release an FDC and a special cancellation postmark for Moscow.

Design: А. Povarikhin.
Face value: 95 RUB.
Size of stamp: 50×50 mm, size of sheet: 85×70 mm.
Circulation: 50 thousand souvenir sheets.

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