May 17, four postage stamps dedicated to the Russian beekeeping history are to be put into circulation

Beekeeping is an agricultural branch dealing with bee raising for honey, bee wax and other products, as well as for pollination of agricultural crops for yield enhancement.

Our country environmental conditions have contributed to significant development of this agricultural branch.

The postage stamps feature different bee farming methods: wild, wild-hive, box hive and frame beekeeping.

In addition to the postage stamps, JSC Marka is to release an FDC, first day postmarks for Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and a souvenir set in an illustrated cover with cancelled FDCs and a poster stamp.

Design: V. Beltyukov.
Face value: 40 RUB each stamp.
Size of stamps: 42×49 mm, size of sheet: 99×110 mm.
Circulation: 50 sheets of four stamps.

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