April 20, an envelope with a commemorative stamp dedicated to the 100th birth anniversary of Maurice Druon (1918–2009), a novelist, was put into circulation as part of the “World Cultural Celebrities” series

Maurice Samuel Roger Charles Druon (1918–2009) was a French novelist, dramaturgist, scientist and political personality.

Maurice Druon was born in Paris into the family of a Russian-Jewish immigrant. He began writing for literary magazines at the age of 18. From 1937 to 1939 he studied political science at the University of Paris, in 1940 he entered a military school at Saumur to graduate as a cavalry officer. In 1943, based on music and words (in Russian) by Anna Marly, Maurice Druon and his uncle Joseph Kessel wrote the Chant des Partisans (“Song of the Partisans”), a French Resistance anthem of World War II. When the Second Front was opened, Maurice went to the front line as a reporter.

Les Grandes Familles trilogy (1948–1951) brought Marice Druon glory as a novelist. 1955 saw his first book of Les Rois Maudits (“The Accursed Kings”) historical and adventure series.

Maurice Druon wrote over 50 novels throughout his life. Among the most famous are Cloud of Fire, Mégarée, The Last Detachment, Des Seigneurs de la pleine, La Volupté d’être, Alexander the Great, Les Mémoires de Zeus, The Power and many more.

In 1967 Maurice Druon became a member of the Académie française, of which he served as Perpetual Secretary for fourteen years. He dealt with the issues of development of literature and arts, worked on an academic dictionary. The novelist was a French Minister of Cultural Affairs in 1973–1974.

Maurice Druon received a number of high state awards and titles: Médaille de la France libre, Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Grand Officer of Merit of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Knight Grand Cross in the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (1973), Order of Friendship (1993); Knight Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour (2001). Maurice Druon was a winner of many prestigious literary awards.

The envelope with a commemorative stamp depicts Maurice Druon’s portrait against an illustration to his book of The Accursed Kings series.

In addition to the envelope with a commemorative stamp, JSC Marka has produced a special cancellation postmark for Moscow.

Design: V. Khablovsky.
Circulation: 1 million.

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