February 21, a postage stamp dedicated to bridges was put into circulation as part of the EUROPA Stamp Issue Programme

The postage stamp features the Floating Bridge at Zaryadye Park. The bridge was opened at Zaryadye Park in Moscow in September 2017.

The bridge represents a V-shaped sightseeing platform which is a 70-meter console with a high glass barrier rising 15 meters above the water without a single support. The bridge rests upon the embankment where you can descend by transparent elevator. The bearing structure of the bridge is made of pre-stressed concrete, and the decorative elements are made of metal. At the same time the deck of the Floating Bridge is wooden for comfortable walks of Muscovites. The bridge is 244 meters long, its weight is 3 700 tons.
The bridge has an immense margin of safety and withstands a load of 240 tons. 3-4 thousand people can simultaneously be on the observation deck.

The postage stamp features the Floating Bridge over the Moskva River against the background of the Kremlin and the EUROPA Stamp Issue Programme logo.

In addition to the postage stamp, JSC “Marka” has released an FDC, first-day postmarks for Moscow and Saint Petersburg, a non-stamped card as well as a souvenir set in an illustrated cover with stamps and an FDC with cancellation inside.

Design: V. Beltyukov.
Face value: 28 RUB.
Size of stamp: 65x32.5 mm, size of sheet: 150x150 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins of 8 (2x4) stamps.
Circulation: 184 thousand stamps (23 thousand sheets).


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