February 15, a postage stamp dedicated to the 10th season of the Kontinental Hockey League was put into circulation

The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) is an open international ice hockey league of member clubs based in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Slovakia and Finland which annually compete for the major trophy – the Gagarin Cup.

The League was founded in 2008 and initially comprised 24 teams to promote ice hockey throughout Russia and other nations across Europe and Asia. The decision to establish the League was made in February 2008. The 10th season of the KHL Championship (2017/2018) has brought together 27 teams. The tournament started on 21 August 2017 and will end before 26 April 2018 by the final playoff stage that will determine the championship winners.

The postage depicts the KHL anniversary Championship logo. The logo centerpiece is number 10 highlighting historical value of the cup tournament. The current season marks the first milestone anniversary of the KHL, its most exciting part is up ahead. Eight teams are still competing for the playoff, there are two more match days of the regular tournament to go. The circulation is 225 thousand stamps, the face value is 22 RUB. The stamps are from now available at the national post offices and our citizens can use them for sending their mail across the Russian Federation and abroad.

In addition to the postage stamp, JSC Marka has produced FDCs and special cancellation postmarks for Moscow.

Design: Kh. Betredinova.
Size of stamp: 37×37 mm; size of sheet: 131×131 mm.
Form of issue: sheet of 9 (3×3) stamps.

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