January 31, an envelope with a commemorative stamp dedicated to the 125th birth anniversary of the outstanding Soviet commander Ivan Panfilov was put into circulation as part of the “75th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War” series

Ivan Vasilyevich Panfilov (1893−1941) was a Soviet Major General and a posthumous Hero of the Soviet Union.

During the Great Patriotic War he commanded the 316th Rifle Division at the Northwestern and Western fronts. In October-November 1941 during the defense of Moscow the soldiers and commanders of Panfilov’s 316th Rifle Division despite heavy casualties managed to significantly delay the German advance on the capital defending a 41-kilometer long sector to the south of Volokolamsk. On 16 November 1941, the troop of tank fighters of the 316th Division in the course of a fierce fight near the village of Dubosekovo stopped for 4 hours the advance of 50 German tanks having destroyed 18 of those. The heroic act went down in history as the legend of Panfilov’s 28 Guardsmen.

The envelope with a commemorative stamp depicts Ivan Panfilov’s portrait against a battle composition and the Gold Star medal.

In addition to the envelope, JSC “Marka” has released a special cancellation postmark for the village of Nelidovo, Moscow Oblast.

Design: А. Moskovets.
Circulation: 1 million.


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