December 11, a stamp booklet was put into circulation in the “Way to Victory” series

Over the first two years of the Great Patriotic War the USSR suffered most severe hardship. The national unity of solders and home front workers, their strong faith in the Victory became the major force that stood in the way of the Nazi invaders. The Red Army and the USSR Navy together with the whole nation showed genuine courage and selflessness in fight for the Motherland.

The booklet consists of 4 postage stamps dedicated to the Arctic Convoys, Normandie-Neiman Regiment, the Battle for the Crimea and Defence of Sevastopol, and the Soviet Partisan Movement issued in 2017.

Design: S. Ulyanovsky (stamps), А. Yakovlev (booklet).
Face value: 41 RUB.
Size of booklet: 190×110 mm.
Circulation: 5 thousand.

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