December 4, three postage stamps dedicated to Sergey Alexeyev, Ivan Dmitriev and Nikolai Korkunov to be put into circulation in the “Outstanding Russian Lawyers” series

Sergey Sergeyevich Alexeyev (1924–2013) was a law theorist and civilist, an author of the RF Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Nikolai Mikhailovich Korkunov (1853–1904) was a scientist, law philosopher, a leading authority on legal sociology.

Ivan Ivanovich Dmitriev (1760–1837) was a statesman, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Russian Empire in 1810–1814, a Russian writer and fabulist.

The postage stamps feature the portraits of the outstanding Russian lawyers and the pillar of law.

In addition to the postage stamps, JSC Marka is to produce FDCs and a special cancellation postmarks for Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Design: R. Komsa.
Face value: 22 RUB.
Size of stamps: 37×37 mm, size of sheets: 131×131 mm.
Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins of 8 (3х3) stamps and a coupon.
Circulation: 216 thousand copies (27 thousand sheets of each stamp).


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